Andy Warhol Inspired iPhone Speaker (Wireless Dock)

This acoustic speaker for your iPhone utilizes a vintage gramophone horn from the 1920's and is mounted to a Walnut Base. They require no batteries, cords, electronics or power source. They are completely acoustic! Simply place your iPhone in the slot and enjoy tunes of yesterday or today with an amazing vintage sound. Great conversation piece.

These work on the same principle as a megaphone. With a megaphone, you speak into the small end and it is amplified out through the large end. Ninety years ago this gramophone horn amplified a small driver "speaker" that was below it. Today, this same horn amplifies the small speaker that is built into the iPhone in the same way.

This model only works with iPhones and not with iPods. With the iPods, they either do not have a speaker, or the speaker they do have isn't loud enough to be effectively amplified this way.

This works with all versions of the iPhone 4, 5, 6, 6s and 7 including the plus.


Length: 9" 23cm

Width: 7" 18cm

Height: 17" 42cm

To see a demonstration on YouTube of how this speaker

"Awesome gramophone - we'd been looking at getting one for a while and finally went for it when we saw this one on Etsy. The sound is amazing considering there are no cables! We ordered from Japan and couldn't believe how smoothly everything went and how quickly it arrived. Thanks Ryan! "

Quantity: 5
Condition: New

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